Reasons Why It Is Important To Clean Your Leather Furniture



Leather Furniture is both stylish and comfortable, but sometimes it can be very difficult to clean. You may even ask yourself why bother cleaning it in the first place. The reasons you need to keep your leather furnishings clean is to prevent it from staining, tearing or drying out.


Though it may seem less prone to staining than carpet or any plush furniture, leather does indeed stain. Leather is skin and like skin is very porous. This gives the stain a place to get trapped in. This is especially common with stain prone liquids like paint or soda. To prevent stains, you should remove the surface liquid as soon as possible.


Dirty leather is also more prone to ripping and tearing. Leather, due to its fragile nature, is commonly coated in a protective finish. Dust and dirt can over time wear away this coating and leave the leather open to being damaged by regular use


The loss of this coating can also lead to your leather drying out. Over time, leather will dry out and crack when expose to air. This is why maintaining the coating is so important, and needs to be protected by routine cleaning. Heat can also cause leather to dry out, so keep it out of direct sunlight or hot rooms. Cleaning Schools


There are curtain cleaning products you should avoid while cleaning leather furniture. Avoid using any particularly harsh cleaning agents like ammonia. Remember leather is basically skin, so don’t clean it with anything you wouldn’t let touch your skin.


Leather, like most fabrics, needs to be cleaned and maintained in order for it to look its best. Properly maintained leather can last for decades, while non-maintained leather might only last a few years. If you have some stained or dried out leather furniture, than you may need to call a professional to see if they can restore it: