9 Tips to Clean Quickly and Efficiently


When it comes to cleaning you want to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. After all you have better things to do. Here are a few tips to get cleaning done fast, but just as good as a professional.

9 Ways to Get Cleaning Done Quickly

Clorox Window Wipes

A good tool to use when cleaning windows are Clorox Window Wipes. These wipes are quicker to use than the traditional spray bottle and tissue method. Clorox Window Wipes not only clean, to the point that the glass is sparkling, but they also disinfect. Most of the time, unless you bump into stain of some kind, it only takes a few wipes per window.

Clear Out the Living Room Before Vacuuming

Prior to vacuuming remove everything off of the floor. Perhaps put it on the sofa or in the hall way. Quite a bit of time and energy is wasted by constantly stopping to bend down and pick up knick knacks. So throw all knick knacks into a box or out into the hall way, so that the space is clear. So once you start vacuuming you will not have to stop.

Investing in a Long Handle Duster

Purchasing a duster with a very long handle can help significantly when cleaning your blinds. Instead of dragging over a sofa or chair to stand on each time, simply invest in one with a longer handle. They can easily be ordered online, there are all different types, styles and colors. There are dusters that are specifically designed to attract dust particles. When ordering make sure that the duster has all of the features that you need.

Dress Comfortably

Dress comfortably when cleaning. Some people move their quickest barefoot and in a pair of shorts. Decide what you will wear. You may not want to start cleaning when you’ve just come home from work and you’re still in your business clothes. Put on something that isn’t restricting. Some people enjoy cleaning in their gym outfits and running sneakers.

Be Well Rested

Being well rested is always an excellent idea. If you have just gotten off of work, perhaps take a quick nap before starting so that you may feel refreshed. Being clear headed and energetic can eliminate becoming confused and perhaps putting things back in the wrong place or dropping things and breaking them.

Bottled Water

Keep a bottle of water near, so that while you are cleaning you do not become dehydrated. Dehydration can cause you to get a headache or become dizzy which can slow you down or cause you to stop completely.

Use a Large Basket

Cleaning the bathroom does not have to be the most dreaded job ever. Actually, it can be easy as pie, and over with within minutes. Get the largest basket you can find and start with the bathtub, put all of your body scrubs, razors, everything into the basket. Also remove everything from around the toilet. Once everything is removed. Start cleaning, by everything being gone and out of the way, it will now be a lot easier and faster to clean. After you have cleaned these areas, put everything back, then start with the cabinets.

Use Self – Cleaning Foaming Spray

Cleaning showers and bath tubs can be a lot easier if you are using a self -cleaning foaming spray. You can Clorox also has this to offer among their cleaning product selections. You simply spray the liquid into the tub or shower walls and it turns to foam. It starts to clean by itself, within minutes it is dripping down and all you have to do is rinse. While it is working, you can be doing another chore.

Clean as You Go

When it comes to cleaning the dishes. Make it a habit to clean as you go. Each time you have a dish, instead of placing it in the sink, simply go ahead and wash it. It’s so much quicker than waiting for the sink to pile up and then fight over who’s going to wash them. Cleaning as you go cuts down on germs and, space.

Hopefully these tips will help. If you are having fun while cleaning, chatting with a friend or listening to your favorite tunes that also helps to spend things up. Enjoy your cleaning!